We provide a variety of services for events of all shapes and sizes.  From assisting a bride and her bridal party, to getting that perfect prom look, Hello Gorgeous can do it all!


Airbrush Foundation

Hello Gorgeous only utilizes silicone based airbrush foundations.  Airbrush gives skin a flawless, toned appearance that will look fabulous in photos. These foundations were originally made for cinematic purposes, and can withstand hours of wear.  Because silicone is water resistant, sweat (and even tears) won't make this formula budge.  

Service List

  • Bride and Bridal Parties

  • Prom and Formals

  • Birthdays/Special Events

  • Makeover parties

  • Personal Makeup Shopping

  • Costume/Theme Parties

  • Tutorials

  • Tattoo/Body coverage

  • Commercials and Photo Shoots

Anytime you need to look gorgeous, we can customize our service to meet your needs.